Bats are fascinating nocturnal animals, but their presence in our gardens is also very precious. They are indeed predators of insects harmful to the vegetable garden and the orchard.

In Luberon, around twenty species of bats actively participate in the regulation of certain insect populations.

They love mosquitoes: they can eat up to 600 per hour!

They also love mites, moths and beetles and consume up to a quarter of their weight every day. Unfortunately, their population is decreasing steadily and is threatened, in particular due to the disappearance of a large part of their natural habitat, (hedges, thickets, hollow trees or old ruined buildings). The alteration of wetlands and the use of pesticides are also questioned. Since 2007, they have been protected by law.

At Le Grand Potager de Fontenille, we love their company and have made them shelters that we place at least 3m high to shelter them during the day and during their hibernation.

When perched, bats change position several times during the day. This is why there are three bat shelters on the same tree, the first towards the north, the second towards the south and the last towards the south-east.

Hush! Let the bat rest inside his shelter!