Le Grand Potager de Fontenille is home to a large number of plant and animal species. Plants, trees, fruits and vegetables of course, but also insects, birds, bats, hedgehogs …

In organic farming, and especially in a permaculture garden, biodiversity plays an essential role, because it contributes to the establishment of a natural balance between different animal and plant species.

To encourage the arrival of all this fauna which also participates in the natural protection of our existing crops, we have installed various elements: an insect hotel, beehives, birdhouses, and bat shelters.

Le Grand Potager de Fontenille is an LPO Refuge, and is committed to respecting the “LPO Refuge Charter” of the Bird Protection League.

Discovery of the biodiversity around the Grand Potager’s pond


During their visit to the Grand Potager, the students of the Lauris school paid a visit to observe the pond which is located next to the henhouse, so as to learn many things about the biodiversity that can be found … Read More

The Grand Potager in bloom


The sun provides a lot to the Grand Potager, flowers are abundant and the garden buzzes with bees who come to delight in this diversity of scents and colors.

Bees collecting pollen


The bees living in the Grand Potager are enjoying the spring and taking great delight in the colourful flowers’ pollen. These essential insects greatly participate in the pollination of the garden’s flowers.

Establishment of a pond at the Grand Potager de Fontenille


A pond has been built by the animation team of the Grand Potager. A new feature of the garden, it is a real refuge for biodiversity: dragonflies, toads, frogs, newts, birds, beetles, etc. These animals will be all the more … Read More

Bee watching at the Grand Potager, Lubéron, France


At the Fontenille domain, the garden is a shelter for many insects: on his own, the garden attracts a huge number of auxiliary insects. Today, as the fist flowers arrived, the children observed bees foraging the garden’s flowers.

Frogs and other friends from the Grand vegetable garden


Walking Spider, frog hidden in the foliage of the greenhouse, cicada molting … An organic vegetable garden is a paradise for the garden’s friends, and a shelter for biodiversity.

The bee hives of the Grand Potager


Several hives have been installed in collaboration with a local beekeeper on the Grand Potager de Fontenille. They have been placed on the edge of the wood. They are an asset for biodiversity and pollination in the garden.  

The mobile henhouse


The mobile hen house has doubled its capacity! We added an additional 4m module, in the same width of 80cm, which allows to increase the capacity in hens, which are now 10, and the weeding capacity.