Birds are friends of the vegetable garden and regulate the presence of pests. It is important to protect their natural habitat, and if necessary, supplement it with shelters made to accommodate them.

It’s great to hear the birds singing when you’re working or taking a walk in the garden. But the advantage of being surrounded by birds is not only musical … birds like the great tit, the chaffinch or even the robin, are useful for the ecosystem of this vegetable garden in Luberon.
They feed on many flying insects or on larvae, slugs and snails. They thus regulate the pressure of pests such as that of the white cabbage caterpillars which cause problems on our crops.
Birds are big eaters and get more food during broods. They are a link in the biodiversity chain in a permaculture vegetable garden and also contribute to pollination. Also, when birds put their legs from garden to garden, they propagate, by moving, soil micro-organisms. 

To attract birds, we set up spaces in which they can eat, shelter and even nest.

Le Grand Potager de Fontenille is an LPO Refuge, and is committed to respecting the “LPO Refuge Charter” of the Bird Protection League.