“Le Grand Potager” is the place where are cultivated in organic farming, the fruits and vegetables which directly supply the kitchens of the restaurants of Domaine de Fontenille. There is also a large variety of edible and ornamental flowers that are meant to decorate the plates as well as the rooms of the bastide.

The diversity of cultures, the architecture and some elements inspired by permaculture, as well as an experimental and educational dimension developed by The Ivory Foundation, make it a pleasant and interesting place of visit.

Through a tour that presents practical issues of permaculture, agro-ecology and agro-forestry, the aim is mainly to introduce visitors to an ecological gardening, and the preservation of the environment.

At the “Grand Vegetable Garden”, you can:

Follow the transformation of cultivated plants, understand the role of trees, water, auxiliary insects.
Familiarize yourself with different species of fruits and vegetables, aromatic herbs, flowers.
Discover the composting techniques and the different stages of waste decomposition, and understand the functioning of ecosystems, and the consequences of human actions on nature.

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