The mobile henhouse is a device often used in permaculture. It consists of a hut and an enclosure that can be changed regularly.

The advantages of the mobile  henhouse are numerous :

– The chickens can clean a plot that will be cultivated
– They have fresh grass to peck regularly
– They fertilize the soil with their droppings
– They can scatter compost or manure
– By scratching with their paws, they aerate the soil,
– They can eliminate a large part of parasites and slugs

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Visit of the Grand Potager animals with the Lauris preschool


The Lauris preschool children came to visit the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. All day long, they were able to discover the different parts of the garden by participating in playful activities (sowing, composting, egg hunt, memory, colouring). … Read More

Visit to the henhouse at the Grand Potager’s pond


TEXT: During their visit to the Grand Potager, the students of the Lauris school paid a visit to the working hens. They are retired hens, which have been collected by the Grand Potager to spend a quiet retirement, after having … Read More

Visit of the henhouse


A school visit to the Grand Potager of Domaine de Fontenille, signifies a stop at the henhouse … Visit the mobile enclosure, which allows to move the hens on plots that need weeding. And of course the egg collection…

The mobile henhouse


The mobile hen house has doubled its capacity! We added an additional 4m module, in the same width of 80cm, which allows to increase the capacity in hens, which are now 10, and the weeding capacity.