Tomato plants

Mid May, tomatoes plants were taken out of the greenhouse to settle on new parcels freshly prepared by the gardeners of the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. The plants were placed every 80 cm, in association with other beneficial plants:

  • 1 plant of nicandra phisaloides, which has the property of moving away tuta absoluta, the caterpillar of tomatoes and peppers.
  • 3 seedlings of basil (which scavenges the pests of the aerial parts of the plants)
  • 1 plant of marigolds (which has a known nemative effect that is to say that it is a repulsive for nematodes, (small worms that attack the roots of tomatoes).

Apart from nicandra phisaloides, all plants are of culinary / edible interest.

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