The Grand Potager de Fontenille aims to provide fresh, seasonal produce to hotels and restaurants of the estate. It is a 5000 m2 garden, where fruit, vegetables, berries, flowers, and aromatic plants follow one another in cultivated plots with impeccable aesthetics.

Walking through the shaded paths, arranged to cross the vegetable patch, we discover different innovative and ecological constructions and several elements characteristic of gardens cultivated in permaculture, in particular:

-A bioclimatic greenhouse (or “passive solar greenhouse”)
-A keyhole vegetable garden
-A spiral of aromatic herbs
-A Mandala garden
-Dry toilets

Wild salad tasting
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The chef and cooks from gourmet restaurant “Le Champs des Lunes” where invited by the team of the Grand Potager in Fontenille to attend a training of recognition and tasting of  wild salads. This workshop  was organized by Sylvie and … Read More

Treasure Hunt at the Grand Potager
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During a school outing, children from Lauris’ school were invited to participate in a treasure hunt through the Grand Potager de Fontenille and its forest paths. Small signs were placed in trees amongst the Domain, presenting different kind of birds, … Read More

Winter is coming, the greenhouse is getting organized
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The greenhouse of the Grand Potager du Domaine de Fontenille is a perfect shelter for plants sensitive to the cold, as winter approaches. Autumn seedlings are also growing, and will be transplanted soon in the garden for winter.

Building the herbal spiral
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It is a spiral wall of stones lined with lean soil and pebbles. Its sunny location, its structure and its components reduce temperature variations, thanks to the accumulation of heat in the stones. The elevated shape also prevents stagnation of … Read More

Biodiversity in the Grand Potager
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Walking Spider, frog hidden in the foliage of the greenhouse, cicada molting … An organic vegetable garden is a paradise for the garden’s friends, and a shelter for biodiversity.

Visit of the henhouse
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A school visit to the Grand Potager of Domaine de Fontenille, signifies a stop at the henhouse … Visit the mobile enclosure, which allows to move the hens on plots that need weeding. And of course the egg collection…

Discovery of aromatic herbs
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Discovery of aromatic herbs and edible flowers at the Grand Potager.

Garden flowers
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Buttercups, Irises, Poppies… Colors in the garden.

Presentation of the compost
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Presentation of the compost to the children visiting the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille

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Weeding, soil preparation at the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille … Romain, in charge of the vegetable garden, traces furrows with the hoe for a plantation of potatoes.

Tomato plants
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Mid May, tomatoes plants were taken out of the greenhouse to settle on new parcels freshly prepared by the gardeners of the Grand Potager of the Domaine de Fontenille. The plants were placed every 80 cm, in association with other … Read More

Biodiversity in the garden
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In the Grand Potager, animals contribute to soil fertilization. Chickens are placed in a mobile hen house that allows them to feed on the culture beds, while weeding, after harvest. Donkeys and sheep provide manure that is directly used in … Read More

The Pergola
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<blockquote>To facilitate the circulation and visits of the garden, a pergola was set up on the central alley.</blockquote> Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this pergola brings two advantages to the garden: – On both sides of this pergola, climbing fruit trees … Read More

Visit of the children of the school of Lauris
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The Grand Potager welcomed the pupils of the school of Lauris, for a guided tour of the Grand Potager. The children, had a visit to the different garden elements: the composting area, the keyhole vegetable garden, the insect shelter, the … Read More

Children’s visit
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25 children from Lauris school visited le Grand Potager de Fontenille. Le Grand Potager, will start its pedagogical vocation, now that the garden is operational. the children visited the various centers of interest of the garden in groups of 5, … Read More

The bioclimatic greenhouse
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The bioclimatic greenhouse of the Grand Potager is ready for its first seedlings! Funded by The Ivory Foundation, this experimental greenhouse was designed with the expertise of the association APTE (promotion of eco-energies, ecoconstruction and ecological practices), and carried out … Read More