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Each year, parts of the garden are covered with a black plastic sheets to neutralize the growth of weeds. In an aesthetic concern, straw boots are used to maintain the plastic sheet flat on the ground.

Milpa and biochar

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2 cultivation plots of 14m long were set up to carry out 8 experiments on 24 squares of 50×50 x50cm deep. Experimentation of biochar on a plot of Milpa The milpa was chosen to experiment biochar, as it allows to … Read More

Experimentation around squash

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At the Grand Potager, we sowed the same day, different cucurbits (squash), associated or not with the cultivation of milpa. We can notice after a few weeks, that the cucurbits growing next to the milpa grew faster than the others. … Read More

Experiments around the Milpa

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Also known as the three sisters, milpa is an ancestral crop association of corn, climbing beans and squash. Corn serves as a stake for the beans that climbs over it. The beans fix the nitrogen beneficial to the growth of … Read More