Harvesting beans

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The first beans sown on the Mandala of the Grand Potager have been harvested! The Mandala thus fulfills its vocation of production and it is a pleasure to be able to grow good vegetables in such a beautiful place.

Experimentation around squash

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At the Grand Potager, we sowed the same day, different cucurbits (squash), associated or not with the cultivation of milpa. We can notice after a few weeks, that the cucurbits growing next to the milpa grew faster than the others. … Read More

Experiments around the Milpa

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Also known as the three sisters, milpa is an ancestral crop association of corn, climbing beans and squash. Corn serves as a stake for the beans that climbs over it. The beans fix the nitrogen beneficial to the growth of … Read More

Messicole plants

Literally, messicole means, who lives in the fields. Thus, these plants are biologically adapted to agricultural land, especially cereal crops. They are also called wildflowers, or meadow plants. Considered by modern agriculture as weeds, the development of chemical treatments and … Read More